Joey Green was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1959.  He formed his first band with high school buddies when he was 16 years-old. The band was called “OZ” and performed original music as well as music from Led Zeppelin, Kansas,  Neil Young,  Blue Oyster Cult, The Allman Brothers and Bruce Springsteen.

In 1984, Joey re-located to New York City where he met  bassist/producer Brian Stanley who helped him form an indie rock band called the "Jury".  The Jury had  moderate success with their first EP release entitled “Shyboy” in 1988 (Kangaroo records).    In 2000 , Joey emigrated to Vienna and has been performing in various bands focusing on the music of Ray Charles, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.

More recently however,  Joey Green has become very serious about songwriting.

As he puts it;    "Songwriting is a craft.  For me, it’s best to start with an idea that has been sparked by some emotional feeling, experience or event.   I enjoy writing about the ups and downs of life.  The joy and tragedy of it. I want to reflect on this experience for as long as possible.  But the bottom line is, it must be real and it must possess continutiy--something lacking in today's fragmented popular music culture."

In 2018, Joey Green has been focusing his artistic energy on original music only.   After an extended hiatus from songwriting,  he  is "hitting it hard"--recording, producing and performing his own brand of groovin', sassy and rockin' original music with Joey Green Band,  one of Vienna's most authentic, dynamic rock bands.  

Featuring Joey Green on vocals/keyboards,  Tommy Boeroecz  (Ostinato, Stella Jones) on drums/vocals,  Hannes Steif  (Monty Beton, Andrew Young) on bass,  Lukas Vendl on guitar  and Mona Gusterer on vocals.

“Trumpty Dumpty”,  “Love, Love, Love”,   "Livin' On Borrowed Time,  "I'm Comin' On To You",   "In The Doghouse Again" ,  "Teardrops Back In Her Eyes", are just a few of Joey Green Band’s most recent releases.  (all available for streaming on Spotify,  Deezer and I-Tunes.)
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