The Musicians

Joey Green Band

Tommy Böröcz

Drums/Support Vocals

Tommy Böröcz studied percussion and jazz theory at the Vienna Conservatory. He is an accomplished drummer, composer/producer and has performed with many Internationally known artists including: Birelli Lagrene, Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius, Karl Ratzer, Harri Stojka, and Stella Jones. He is co-founder of the popular Jazz-Fusion band Ostinato.

Hannes Steif

Bass Guitar

Hannes Steif studied trombone at the School for Music and Art in Graz and bass guitar at the Jam Music Lab Conservatory in Vienna. He has performed with Tamee Harrison, Christian & Michael , Harry Stojka, Claudius Jelinek, Andrew Young , Betty Semper and Monty Beton. When not on tour or recording, he teaches bass guitar at a music school in Lower Austria.

Lukas Vendl


Lukas Vendl is an extremely versatile, talented guitar and bass player, born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Since finishing his jazz guitar studies in 2001, he has toured extensively throughout Europe, as well as internationally. When he is not performing and touring, Lukas teaches guitar at a music school in Lower Austria.

Mona Gusterer

Support Vocals

Mona studied Music and Movement Pedagogics and Vocal Pedagogics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Vienna Conservatory. She works as a vocal coach and choir leader in several music and elementary schools in Germany and Austria. She is also singing, playing piano and songwriting for her project, "Blend" which was founded in 2014.